VEVO Sports USA Ball Spike

Picture it: A perfect autumn day. The sun’s out, and there’s the slightest chill to the breeze. Your feet crunch through the leaves as you and your friends make your way to the center of the park, the friendly wagers, and pregame taunts already flying.

Everyone’s jogging out, dividing themselves into teams. You grab the ball, but it’s a bit low, better fill it. You reach into your bag and retrieve the pump and needle. Your friends start asking, sarcastically, if you need help.

“Shut-up.” You suggest back as you insert the needle, but it slips, the ball angles away from you. The needle snaps and you hear it rattling around inside the ball. The still under-inflated ball. You reach into the bag for the spare needle.


Well, isn’t that just perfect?

You can pick your season and your sport, but if you’ve had a game delayed or ruined because of one tiny piece of sports equipment, VEVO Sports USA would like you to know you don’t have to put up with it anymore.


Best Ball Inflation Needle


To say that athletics is a part of VEVO Sports’s owner Kerry Maw’s life is an understatement. Kerry grew up playing sports. And nearly thirty years ago, Kerry decided to begin to pass what he knew as a soccer coach on to a younger generation of players, a decision that has led to a growing family legacy.

“Years ago my wife volunteered me to coach AYSO for our first daughter. Fifteen years later, she’s received a scholarship to and played for Utah State University last season. I have another daughter who plays in high school, and my nine-year-old, Ryker, made the FC Barcelona ISL team. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing him in U.S. Men’s Nationals in the future.”


VEVO Sports Ball Spike


“Inflating balls over the years as a youth, for the teams I coached, and my children, I found traditional metal inflation needles made overseas were always CHEAP, and they broke far too easily.” Kerry comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so it was only natural for him to look for, and devise, a solution. So what did he create?

The Ballspike; an inflation needle made from durable, and most importantly, flexible plastics suitable for any ball or playground equipment that needs inflating. It is the inflation needle brand made in the U.S., and it’s manufactured right here in Ogden.

“I was born and raised right here in Ogden and am very proud of it. I am proud of so many of these successful local Ogden companies and businesses that had the heart to never quit. I hope and pray we can measure up to these fine corporations that dare to dream.”


Durable Flexible Bendable VEVO Ball Spike


The Ballspike, which was up for National Sporting Goods Association Best New Sports Product of the Year, is just the beginning. VEVO Sports is looking to become not only a new product on the shelf but a brand name to be counted in the same vein as Nike and Under Armour. With innovations like the Ballspike, and the drive to succeed, Kerry and VEVO have shown, it won’t be long before they are.


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