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Peoples fitness goals are as varied as the people who have them. There are those who like the gym, using the setting and the fact they paid for it as motivation. Many take it outside, preferring a walk/run/bike up or down a trail to get their heart-rate up. There are also those who prefer home workout routines, with or without equipment.

Then there are those of us who would like to get into shape but don’t know where to start. Even after signing up with a gym, there are still plenty of things that make the experience intimidating and demoralizing to the point where you stop going. How do I use this piece of equipment? How should I be doing this movement, so I don’t hurt myself? How many reps and sets and time should I be spending to get the results I want?

Kevin Lundell, Owner of Roy CrossFitKevin and Jessie Lundell hear you, and that’s why they opened Roy CrossFit. You probably looked at the end of that sentence and thought “Whoa, I’m looking to get in shape, but I don’t need to be able to dead-lift 500lbs while sprinting through the mud. CrossFit is a bit too intense for me.” Roy CrossFit gets that too. What makes them different from the others, and from the chain gym around the corner?
The experience.

Roy CrossFit wants you to get healthy, and they want you to love the time you spend getting and staying there.

“We provide a supportive community, excellent coaches, and unbelievable programming for those looking to improve their health through exercise. No wandering around the gym wondering what you are going to do. Our coaches will show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and help you do it better!”

But what about everything I’ve heard about CrossFit?

Roy CrossFit Group Class


“I started Roy CrossFit to Create An Empowered Community. Health is our most valuable asset. Without it, it’s hard to be a good husband/wife, father/mother, son/daughter, friend. Here we create an environment that ties exercise to friendship and community. We exist to create a space for that person who is afraid of working out in a group to feel right at home. At RC you will find a warm, welcoming environment where everyone is doing the same workout.

“But that said, Roy CrossFit may not be the place for a competitive CrossFitter who wants to make it to the CrossFit games, and that’s okay! We know who we are. We’re the gym for the everyday person who wants to get healthier.”

CrossFit For EveryoneCommitment to their philosophy of health and community has led them to an ever growing membership of motivated and healthy athletes. But the responsibility hasn’t always been smooth, and if Kevin had to pick a word for his business’ opening?

“Anxiety! That first day I drove to our facility at 4:30 am hoping someone would be there when I showed up to open the door. I had basically risked everything I had and put my families livelihood on the line for this dream. But people showed up, and we grew pretty quickly. But those first few months were riddled with anxiety and fear of failure.”

And that there may be the biggest reason we stop or never go to the gym: fear of failure. But Kevin and Jessie know all about that too. But they didn’t let that prevent them from trying. Don’t let it keep you from your fitness goals either. Roy CrossFit offers a free week trial, so give them a try. They’re here to help.