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KEYssential Original Oil Key

Essential oils. Even if you’ve never used them (but you’re wondering about them, aren’t you? Admit it.), you’ve probably seen them lining the shelves of whichever super-mart-store you frequent. They have had a long history of use in holistic medicine and religious ceremonies around the world for centuries. There are plenty of scents and lots of ways to enjoy them, mainly in diffusers that come in all shapes and sizes. Myself, I just sniff the peppermint oil straight out of the bottle to help wake up in the morning… but this isn’t about me.


Essential Oil Roller Bottles


There is also a considerable market for essential oil rollers which are bottles topped with a roller ball, making it possible to apply the oil directly to the skin. People have all sorts of reasons for participating in this form of aromatherapy; used as a mood lifter, a sleep aid, headache relief, and so on. There’s a particular quirk to these bottles, however, one that was starting to bother Diana Catlin, back in 2015.

“I teach roller bottle classes, about how to use essential oils for proactive health care, as well as for babies, toddlers, and teens. I specialize in oils blended for anxiety, ADHD, and autism. I was teaching a make-n-take essential oil roller bottle class, but the lids for these bottles do not come off easily, and you cannot press on the roller ball to put it on, or you may break it. After a class of wrestling with these items, I had bruised and aching fingers.”

Diana and James of the Original Essential Oil Key

Not exactly the relaxing or helpful experience she, or anyone else, wanted. But what could be done? Diana decided to turn to her husband, James, and his workshop.

“I came home and asked my husband if he would create a tool for me that would lift off and press on this lid. I showed him what I needed, and then he gathered my essential oil bits and bobs and came back with magic; the oil key that unlocks these roller bottles with ease.”

But the decision to jump into business wasn’t one made lightly. Diana’s husband, James, is disabled and has to make frequent trips to various health-care professionals, her youngest son has autism, and she is the primary caretaker for her chronically ill daughter. On any given day, Diana is already starting with a full plate.

James in the KEYssential ShopRunning a business would add more challenges, but it would also contribute to her community and give her family a shot at a better future. And from that opportunity, My Oil Key was born, and right here in Utah. Offering no cost samples, unique designs (an owl and dolphin-shaped key will be available soon), they even do custom design work. You just have to ask.

“I loved this product into existence to bring ease and comfort to essential oil users everywhere. There isn’t anyone else out there with the blood, sweat, tears, and passion for the quality of this product or the delight in using it. It’s all about the essential oil user, and the simplicity in making oils available easily, and without pain.”

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