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Homer Simpson:  “Come on, Flanders, there’s gotta be something you hate. What about mosquito bites?”

Ned Flanders:  “Mmm mmm! Sure are fun to scratch! Mmm! Satisfying!”

Now if you, like Ned Flanders, are one of those people who just can’t get enough of mosquito bites, then you should probably just skip to a different article now. This one isn’t for you.

IF however, you are a sane, rational human being, then you should read on.

Mosquitos are insects that as soon as spring rolls around you hear or read about almost every day or, more specifically, the damage they do. Mosquitoes carry and transmit a host of diseases including malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularemia, dirofilariasis, a broad variety of encephalitis, and of course Zika. None of which are enjoyable nor anything you would want for yourself or your children.

“Yeah, I know they’re bad, and I hate them,” I hear you saying. “But other than drowning myself in bug spray every time I step outside, what can I do?” Well, you’re in luck! I know of a company right here in Northern Utah that can not only answer that for you but can’t wait to help: Mosquito Minus Utah.

“We hate mosquitoes! No, seriously we hate them! We have personal experience with how much devastation mosquito-borne illness can bring to a family. We not only wanted to find a business that we could grow and create a legacy with, but also a business that we could believe in.”

Mosquito Removal Ogden, UtahLocally owned and operated by husband and wife team Mike Story and Narlene Allen, Mosquito Minus Utah offers a genuinely specialized service that, unlike many other pest control companies, focuses principally on mosquitoes. Using the most advanced control products, they kill, repel, and destroy the eggs of the blood-sucking little pests. And yep, they offer environmentally friendly options too.
There are plenty of choices out there for pest control, but with Mosquito Minus, the service doesn’t stop with a simple spray, and a See you next time.

“We have a desire to not only help protect all of our customers from mosquito-borne illness but to educate them as well. Education really is just as important as protection. We offer a very hands-on, personalized customer experience. On more than one occasion my husband and I have gone to a customer’s home after hours to look at their property, give them a quote, and do the work ourselves. We have fantastic technicians, but we want our clients to feel like family, not just a customer.”

Taking a role in controlling mosquito population doesn’t just mean a more pleasant summer for you and your family. You are actively helping your neighbors, their families, and your community to be a safer place. You can make a difference in the lives of countless strangers by helping to curb the spread of mosquito-borne illness. Mosquito Minus Utah is here to help you do just that, all with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Nothing to lose and a summer free of mosquito-bite scratching to gain. If that sounds like a great deal, find them online or follow them on Facebook.

You and everyone else who hates mosquitoes will be glad you did.