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Farmers Insurance

Let’s talk about insurance. It’s something that we all have in one form or another (or should at any rate…you know who you are). It’s one of those monthly bills that annoys us when we drop the check in the mail, but it’s something that we couldn’t be more grateful for when the basement floods, the wind blows the tree into the front room, or the kid backs the car into the neighbor.

Unfortunately, unless you enjoy reading legalese, insurance can be a real source of dread and frustration. It can be confusing, especially when it comes time to figure out just what you’re level of coverage includes, or knowing if your eligible for and how to file a claim. What can we do? Who can we turn to in our hour of need? Well, you see them all the time on television. They’re the smiling faces that let you know that they’re there to help, 24/7, rain or shine: The insurance agent.

Meet Kendra Nilsen, an award-winning Farmers Insurance Agent.Kendra Nilsen Farmers Insurance

After spending eleven years as a customer service representative and agent, Kendra decided to buy her agency in 2015. Why?

“I honestly love working with people.” She says with a smile, though her grand opening didn’t exactly go as planned.

“The first day that my business opened, I was horribly sick and couldn’t even get out of bed to have my first day of glory! Fortunately, I did have a licensed staff member that was there that was able to cover my back.”

Happily, things have only looked up since then. Kendra sells everything from auto, home, life, recreational, and commercial products. And you know what it is she enjoys the most?

“Definitely my personal involvement that I have with my clients. I love being able to educate them about their policies and their coverages.”

Farmers InsuranceAnd I know, that’s just what you’d expect to hear from an insurance agent, isn’t it? It’s what the commercials tell us too, right? Well, you should know that when it comes to Kendra and the level of service you can expect from her, the delivery is equal to the promise.

“Even after all these years, learning how to separate work life from home life is still my biggest challenge. I’m always an insurance agent, and I’m always a mom. I can’t just sit down with my family at dinner or go on a family vacation and not feel the urge to answer every single phone call or email that comes in from a client.”

Talk about dedication.

The next time you’re feeling confused about what type of coverage you need for that new RV, house, or if that rare comic book is insurable, you should seriously consider a call or a visit to Kendra Nilsen. She’s here to help. Oh, and if you happen to be out with your beast that day, you should know:

“I am a total animal LOVER, and always encourage my clients to stop by with their fur babies. I always have a prize for them in the office!”

Do you know someone with insurance questions? Help them out by sending them Kendra’s way.