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You’ve seen them more often than you realize. You’ve probably noticed them dozens and dozens of times in a wide range of businesses from law firms, IT companies, walking into your local grocery store, and on company web-pages.

Headshots. You see them all over. It’s a sight that most of us come to expect when we get through the front door of any business: a row or two, maybe even a pyramid, of smiling faces letting us know who owns the place or who will be washing the skunk smell off of our dog. It’s welcoming. The company wants us to know them and wants us to come back.

So what if you’re a business owner, and you want to get this done for your company? Where do you go for that sort of thing, and do you have the time to send your people out to have it done?

Kelly Lynn of Kelly Lynn Images has been taking portraits since 2012. A local girl through and through (born just down the road at Hill Air Force Base and raised in South Ogden), Kelly recently moved back to Ogden to be close to her two daughters and grandkids.


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“I think Ogden is a beautiful undiscovered gem! We have it all within a short drive in any direction!”

And guess how she can help your business?

“I am a corporate headshot and portrait photographer!” Whether you are self-employed or running a large-scale business, this is a service you will need at some point? If you’re short on time or need a specific or unique feature of your location or business incorporated into your images, you’re in luck.

“I can travel to you. We can set up backdrops; I can even create special backdrops to get you whatever look you’re going for.”


Portrait Portfolio Photography

Photography isn’t just a job for Kelly. Her love for the art takes her all over: shooting wildlife in the natural beauty of Huntsville one day, creating an actors portfolio down on 25th Street the next, or instructing the next generation of photographers in one of her private lessons. It is this level of dedication and passion that she’ll offer your business.

“I am very hands on. I always look to provide my clients with professional, polished looks. When taking corporate headshots, I want to know all about the business. I want to know what message they hope to portray when their customers see their employees’ headshots. When I go to an office, I get a feel for the space and light as well as the overall office environment. I take this approach with every shoot I book. From events to special wildlife/landscape requests, I want to have all the details so I can capture their vision.”


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If you’re looking to add that extra touch of welcome and familiarity to your company, and you need someone with an eye to properly showcase what makes you and your people unique, give Kelly Lynn Images a call.