Hair by Lynn

The trip, and motivation, to go and get our hair done is different for each of us. For some, it’s part of a lovely day out. A little time to relax and indulge in some personal attention and pampering. To others, it’s a chore, something we have to get done that day in time for an interview, a wedding, or you’re just sick of that unmanageable mess you see in the mirror. Parents taking their children have that added social dread of wondering if their kids are going to behave, and whether or not they’re going to sit still long enough to leave the establishment with both of their ears intact.

For the parents and caregivers of those with autism, that simple trip to the local barber or salon comes with additional challenges. A developmental disorder, autism commonly manifests as difficulties with social skills and a hard time communicating. For people not used to interacting with those on the spectrum, it can be difficult for them, and even more so for the individual with autism. Lynn Ashby, of Hair by Lynn, has first-hand experience.

“People don’t understand and think you have an unruly child when it is so far from that.”

Lynn, the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum, decided to turn her personal experience into an opportunity to help: In addition to offering excellent hairstyling, she also specializes in services to help those with autism and their caregivers.

“They have sensory issues and don’t like noises or large crowds. Unfamiliar surroundings are challenging and can cause meltdowns. Touching is a big deal.”

Rather than jumping directly into service, Lynn offers an approach that makes a world of difference for her clientele; she helps them set the tone for their own experience.

“I slowly ease in and let them adjust to the new surroundings. I allow them to get comfortable wherever they choose. I also offer sensory objects that can help calm them.”

It is an approach that Lynn finds personally satisfying and is making plenty of happy customers.

“I really care and listen to my clients. I make sure and consult with each person throughout the duration of their appointment. I really put every effort into letting my guests know that they have all my time.”

In addition to making sure that the in-house experience is as enjoyable as it can be, Lynn offers another service that goes above and beyond: house-calls.

“Some caregivers or parents are just not able to take their person out in public. Especially if you have other children. You just know when it’s gonna be a meltdown and not worth the effort. Parents and caregivers know. So I will come to them.”


Do yourself or a loved one a favor. Eliminate some stress. If you are or know someone who is a parent or caregiver to someone on the autistic scale, give Hair by Lynn a call.

“I want them to have the best experience and leave feeling like they got the best service. I love nothing more than when people leave my chair happy.”

It’s a call you’ll be happy you made.