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Ogden, Utah Massage Therapy

The greatest wealth is health.

We’ve all heard this cliche, and we’ve all dismissed it at one time or another: “Nah, I’ll take the million dollars, or more if you’ve got it, thank you very much.” That is until something happens of course. Something as simple as the common cold has left many of us bedridden, miserable, and sure that we will never again feel the joy that comes from not blowing your nose every five minutes. The exchange of your bank account to just feel healthy suddenly seems perfectly reasonable.

What if it were worse than the relatively mild inconvenience of a cold? What if every day you had to ask yourself if the pain was worth going to work, playing with your kids, or just taking a walk? For some, that’s reality. For those that have to choose between a day of less discomfort and living their lives, Kaley Tallman and Grounded Soul Massage are here to help.

Owning a business has always been an ambition of Kaley’s but helping people get well, and their lives back on track is her passion.

Kaley Tallman, Owner of Grounded Soul Massage

“Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to own a business. I started taking classes back in high school to prepare myself.” What all that preparation was heading toward hadn’t quite taken shape until 2008.

Kaley was in the middle of nursing courses when her grandmother suffered an accident, breaking her femur. Helping her grandmother get well again inspired her. She enrolled in Healing Mountain Massage School in Salt Lake, and in 2009, became a licensed Massage Therapist. After three years of practicing in her field, it was now time open that business, and there was only one place to do it.

“I’m all about Ogden! It’s such a unique town, such a supportive community. Absolutely in love with it.”

In 2014, Kaley opened Grounded Soul Massage with the straightforward goal of giving people something that most of us take for granted: a pain-free day.

“I take an overall, total body approach to therapy and wellness.” Adding to her background in massage therapy, Kaley has received certification in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. Think deep tissue massage but gentler, focusing on the connective tissue that holds our bodies together. She has also recently become certified in RockTape application, which is used to support and supplement treatment.

“Of course we’re going to address the pain that brought you in today, but what’s causing it? I tend to go deeper with my clients to try and find out if perhaps the pain is being caused by an incident in the past, a car accident say, that wasn’t addressed at the time.”

That’s what you want from a care provider, isn’t it? Someone who will take the time to get to know you and invest their time and effort in alleviating the root of your problem, not just treat the symptoms of it. Someone to help you get back to healthy, and help you to stay that way.

“What I’m all about is helping people. Helping them get their lives back.”

If that’s the experience you’ve been looking for, Grounded Soul Massage is the place for you.

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