Emily Shepherd Photography

Emily Shepherd Photography

Creating beautiful images from concept to realization, Emily Shepherd Photography completes all types of lifestyle photography projects, but Emily spends most of her time providing couples and brides-to-be excellent wedding photography services in the Northern Utah and Wasatch Front areas.

Emily brings a highly personal, stylized, creative, honest, and professional approach to every project with which she becomes involved.

“I think one of the best things about my business is that it is always changing and developing, in the field but also within myself as I grow, learn, and become more experienced. People can expect my very best because it is what I pride myself in.

“My favorite thing is to make my clients happy, to help them feel good about themselves, and to give them exactly what they are looking for, while still maintaining my freedom of creativity.”

Setting Emily apart in a sea of Utah photographers is her genuine love and appreciation for the opportunity of getting to know her clients and discover their personalities and spirit; striving and succeeding to convey the authentic embodiment of the subject(s) in the images she creates.

Emily Shepherd Wedding Photographer

“I provide clients memories of some of their very best days or moments. I honestly consider it a great honor to be granted that kind of trust from others.”

Speaking with Emily’s clients, it is clear that all people involved have a fun time hanging out as they work together. Many clients express that her laid-back attitude when taking pictures helped them to relax and feel comfortable being themselves.

“Plus, most people at least kind of laugh at my jokes so I hope that helps as well.”, Emily giggles.

Having graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Weber State University and worked as a freelance photographer since 2011, Emily brings an artful eye and plenty of experience with her.

Looking forward to graduate school, Emily has decided to take an elevated approach to what her business can become and the difference it can be for her little family and the larger community. Rather than only working from word-of-mouth referrals, she has taken a focused look at taking on greater responsibility for the success of her business by promoting herself and making others aware of her services.

Emily enjoys her work and art full-time now, but things weren’t always like that. Before beginning work as a professional photographer, Emily worked for several large corporations during her years in high school and throughout college.

“I found that I struggled to work for someone who didn’t know who I was or even cared about my well-being. I was just another person to get the job done. If I didn’t, I was easily replaceable.”

Emily’s genuine care for people and their happiness made it hard to work in an environment that did not express that same level of respect. Naturally, her free, creative spirit led her to build and run her own business rather than work a job within such a negative framework.

“I love it. It is so much more rewarding for me. I get to meet people personally, talk to them, help them accomplish their goals and needs, and I don’t have a boss to tell me what to do. I work for myself; I make my hours, I run things how I want. It’s beautiful. Owning a business has a different set of challenges, but to me, it is far more worth the effort.”

Ryan and Emily Shepherd

Emily Shepherd Photography operates with a culture and promise of competitive pricing, transparency, and honesty. You will get more from your transaction than what you pay. Accommodating and serving, Emily genuinely strives to deliver on the fantasy and vision that her clients see she can fulfill. Even a cursory glance at her ever-growing portfolio demonstrates that she knows her stuff.

“Some people believe they can do what I do simply by owning a nice camera. I don’t mean to disrespect those people. Some of them are good and have taught themselves or sought other sources besides traditional schooling to learn. The attitude that frustrates me is that of people thinking, ‘I don’t need to hire a professional photographer, my uncle owns an expensive camera.’

“I have put my time into truly learning all I can on the subject of photography. I spent five years of my undergrad earnestly studying, living, and breathing photography. I was the top photography art graduate of my class with highest honors. Not only do I know a lot, but I also work hard. I honestly don’t give anything but my very best. I don’t go half-way. I give everything my all because it matters to me and people matter, my clients/friends matter to me.”

Looking to the future, Emily looks forward to her business continuing to run smoothly and efficiently to focus more time on meeting and exceeding her clients’ expectations.

“The more people I can meet and serve, hopefully, the more positive impact I can make and the more we all can benefit.”

Moving forward, Emily plans to continue being the sole face and driving force of Emily Shepherd Photography.

“I don’t intend for this to be a large scale, multi-person business or something that takes over my entire life. I want to keep it based around the original goal in starting this business–to work for myself, spend my time how I would like to, keep things personal and of high quality, to work and earn money doing what I feel passionate about. Getting to know people and provide them with my very best is more important than making a lot of money expanding or growing into something much bigger.”

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