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Been shopping for a new place to live recently?

If you have, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time online looking at photos of this property or that, trying to decide which ones are worth getting in the car and going to see. One of the features you’ve probably used to make that decision was the Virtual Tour: a Google Maps for the inside of the place you’re checking out. It’s a handy little tool, but who’s doing all that work? And what if you needed that type of work done for a property you were trying to sell, who would you call for such a thing?


Dave and Aundrea DeMille of 360 Tour Designs


Business ownership had always been a dream of Dave and Aundrea DeMille, but one that took a little time to get going. Dave served in the Army, and after leaving went to work for a Fortune 500 company, but unfortunately, before long he and his entire division were laid off. It was decision time. One of Dave’s first jobs was photography for a brokerage in Chicago and Aundrea was already doing portrait and product photography. Together they decided it was time to sink or swim making the dream happen, and so in August of 2017, they opened the doors for 360 Tour Designs Salt Lake. But the start of their new venture would require a great deal of tenacity.

“The toughest part for us has been literally building an entire business from nothing. We’d just moved to Utah a couple months prior and had no contacts or existing relationships with anyone. Everything we have accomplished has resulted from grit and hard work.”

An unforeseen roadblock.

“Right after opening, Aundrea had a traumatic birth and had to have an emergency surgery. She had to take almost two months off for recovery, and I had to take time off to take care of her and our four children.”

Together, they got through. Today 360 Tour Designs Salt Lake provides high quality commercial and residential real-estate photography, virtual reality tours, twilights, and aerial photography. Real estate agents and brokerages are their primary customers, but they also provide services for retail stores, medical facilities, and other businesses.


Realtor Photography


“Our focus is on helping the realtor becoming successful, not just delivering a great product. We teach them how to use tools like Virtual Reality to gain listings and sell properties. Many of our realtor clients have come back and told us how the training we provided was able to win a competitive listing over another agent. Another feature we are able to offer retail and small businesses is that we can integrate our Virtual Reality tour with Google Maps. This gives the business extra exposure when potential customers are searching on Google.”

Real Estate Video Tours


Dave and Aundrea have had their ups and downs, but they haven’t let that get in the way of their dreams, or their desire to deliver a one of a kind experience to all their customers.

“Our main focus isn’t on our products, but on helping our clients be successful. This is why we go the extra mile to teach them how to use the services we offer and tailor it to each specific property.”

With their determination and commitment to excellence, 360 Tour Designs Salt Lake is a welcome addition to our Utah business community.