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Robert Simmons, Owner of Invictus Steelworks in Farr West, Utah

Invictus Steelworks

October 2, 2017

What’s in a name? For Robert and Beth Simmons, the owner/artists of Invictus Steelworks, a name says it all. When they opened their doors in early 2015, Robert and Beth Simmons were close, but not quite, on the path to fulfilling the lifelong ambition for most of us: doing what…

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Robert Gray, Owner of Radical Instrument Products, with his custom built RIP Flying V

Radical Instrument Products

September 26, 2017

    Officially founded in 2009 by Robert ‘Rad Rob’ Gray, Radical Instrument Products (RIP) specializes in building premium level, handcrafted custom electric guitars but also offers full-service repair and maintenance for guitar, bass, and multi-scale extended range instruments (think guitars and basses with “fanned” frets”).     As a…

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Emily Shepherd Photography

Emily Shepherd Photography

September 18, 2017

Creating beautiful images from concept to realization, Emily Shepherd Photography completes all types of lifestyle photography projects, but Emily spends most of her time providing couples and brides-to-be excellent wedding photography services in the Northern Utah and Wasatch Front areas. Emily brings a highly personal, stylized, creative, honest, and professional…

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A Healthy Solstice

June 19, 2017

  You wouldn’t normally associate the summer solstice with health and fitness, but when you look back on the connection that the phases of the seasons, coupled with our activities, and the associations that we have made with them over time, it becomes clearer why certain phases of the year…

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An Exotic Delicacy

June 18, 2017

  There are Irish Pubs, American Pubs, and then you have the weird cross hybrid between the two located in the middle of Ogden in the Angry Goat, formerly known as MacCools. The old Irish influence is gone, and a complete remodeling has seen the décor completely change, using the…

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La Bamba Bash in Huntsville

June 14, 2017

At The Ogden Option we like to keep our news as local as possible, and though there are many talented local musicians in the area playing shows right here in our home, many visitors coming in to serenade us with the sweet sounds of their genre of choice, we are…

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Language Is Power

June 9, 2017

How many of us have at one point in our lives thought about how great it would be to learn another language? It seems that for everyone one of us, having the means to extend our vocabulary not only provides a sense of personal achievement, but we also think about…

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Crossfit In Ogden; A Lifestyle Worth Exploring

May 23, 2017

  We spend a lot of time fighting off the negatives that come with life, and one of the biggest fears we have is our own bodies turning against us. This is why we run, why we lift, and why we eat right, to stave off the specter that haunts…

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