La Bamba Bash in Huntsville

At The Ogden Option we like to keep our news as local as possible, and though there are many talented local musicians in the area playing shows right here in our home, many visitors coming in to serenade us with the sweet sounds of their genre of choice, we are excited for a particular show, and want to draw more attention to it. In nearby Huntsville, only a 20 minute drive out of time, the one and only Los Lobos will be playing, and it will be a spectacle for anyone of any age to check out.

This distinctly Mexican group is known across the planet for the success that is La Bamba, you start playing the song anywhere and people’s ears perk up. You hit those first fifteen plucked notes on a guitar and everyone knows exactly where you’re going with it, and to have the opportunity to share, and experience that level of perfection in playing from the group that made this folk song famous could be a once in a lifetime experience, and one that we hope many of our residents in the area will keep in mind and check out for themselves.

The 1987 film that shares its name told the story of Ritchie Valens, became a smash hit across the country, the influences that it had, the shape that the trip of Valens, Holly and Big Bopper had on the truly American rock and roll of its day, and the day the music died. The movie brought prominence back to songs that had been so popular in the 50’s and became iconic with American culture. Though covering a lot of Valens songs from the era, it was front man David Hidalgo of Los Lobos who sang the namesake song in the film.

If you were an 80’s child, and spent as much time watching this movie as some of us have, you know the impact of the movie, the music, and especially the lead song, which may have even been your first foray into learning any form of Spanish, or at least the chorus. This feel good song gets your feet going, and your body shaking no matter if you can fully understand the lyrics or not, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of great songs that they’ve released over the years.

Sure the story may not be 100% Ogden, but it’s close to home on many levels, and perhaps we may not get the opportunity to have them perform directly in the city, but just on our outskirts is close enough to still come together as a community as go out to support these legends of Spanish influenced rock and roll who have been entertaining us for over thirty years. You can be sure that you’ll see us there in the crowd, singing along the with chorus and remembering how it made us felt when we first heard it those many years ago.