Bluegrass with Class

Bluegrass is a music that is specifically American, it’s deep in the hearts of the South and popular around the country, and getting your chance to catch all the best in local and visiting Bluegrass artists from around the county is the achievement of the Ogden Music Festival. One of the few festivals of its type in the area, it is truly a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone who manages to take part, and though this years has passed, looking forward to next year is always something that can be marked on the calendar.

It may be true, you put on a Bluegrass album and your children stare at you like you’re reciting Chaucer in response to them asking what’s for dinner, and yet there can be no denying after a few songs the catchiness and truly American south feel to it. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or just getting introduced to it, there’s something about this specific type of music that gets under your skin, into your feet and causes toes to start tapping. And bringing that new level of experience to a truly folk music is always a good idea.

Whether you’re a diehard Bluegrass aficionado, or simply trying to learn more about more types of music, checking out the music festival is a great way to be introduced, as well as to learn more about the Ogden area itself. With thousands of people who regularly show up to the festival, you always have the means of seeing the city from a completely new perspective. Perhaps your dentist will be out there in overalls and a straw hat, or the neighbor you thought was so uptight seems to know every word to every song playing.

Being a local resident, or coming into the city to check out the festival, you will find more than just jubilation at the venue itself, as the entire city has a tendency to throw itself behind whatever is happening in the area. Stores start bringing in different wares, countless flyers and posters, and the reminder everywhere you turn that something big is happening in the area. Whether you’re a fan or not, to see the level of community commitment to everything that we put on is something in and of itself to witness with a sense of pride in being a part of that experience.

Of course there also remains the logistics, the more people come out to see the shows, the bigger and better the next year is, and so on. Bringing that sense of community, comradery, and togetherness to entirely new heights each year the festival rolls into town. So dust off your banjo, find a straw hat and get ready to spend the nights square dancing, because the infectious nature of the music just simply can’t be denied. As a first timer, or as a regular, you are sure to have a great time if you open yourself up to the possibility.