Losing A Part of Our History

As a city, you always want to know that the best and most qualified people are on the job wherever you go, and this especially holds true in the case of emergency workers, and though the outlying North Davis Fire District is home to larger lots, more equipment and better funding, it’s not with a sense of relief that we find ourselves shutting down the iconic Sunset Fire Department in Ogden. This building has been a staple of our city for many years, and with its closure comes a lot of mixed emotions.

Firefighters in the building have been putting their lives on hold, working second jobs, and earning as little as over a dollar an hour to man the station while on call, and the moment the alarm sounds, are off and ready to bring you the services you need in that event. This has been the hardships and lives that these firemen and women have followed, and yet do it all for the same reasons one would expect, being in love with the job. Though many train in other locations, and get experience everywhere, it’s always been home at Sunset, and now home is closing.

It’s a tough situation to deal with in many aspects, and residents of the city have been clamoring for more support in the venture of keeping the doors open, fundraisers, awareness campaigns and more, yet the funding just isn’t there, and the means to a better form of control lies just outside of our city districts. And though many of the former firefighters in the Sunset Firehouse are saddened by the news, it’s nothing that hasn’t been made plainly aware over the last few years of the operational status of our local firehouse.

When we lose something that has played such an iconic role in the history of our city, it always seems to feel like letting the history down, yet with the advancing progress of day to day life as it is, it’s not hard to see why these things come about. As we advance in all other areas in our city, we also need to ensure that we’re updating the means in which to safeguard over it all. That’s not to say that the winds of change were inevitable, but that without the means for proper investment into Sunset, the sun was setting long ago.

Many of the firefighters working in the building will be sent off to other locations, their experience gained through Sunset, and the building will more than likely wind up finding another purpose for the city of Ogden, yet we can’t help but drive by and feel like we’re staring into a ghost house, with the memories of so many people who put their lives on the line daily over something they loved to do, and a service that they stood by. We pay all our respect to all the members of the firefighting teams who have watched over us all these years.