Local News Corner: Thinking Clearly

As adults we’re all keenly aware of our body heat regulation, when we get thirsty or too warm, we drink, when heading out into the sun, we wear the proper protection, yet for young children, they depend on us for the care and guidance needed to ensure that you have their best interests in mind, and that you will provide them the protection necessary. And much like when we’re at the public pool, calling them over to get sunscreen on, we know what must be done in order to protect our progeny from natural threats.

Yet for as much as our memories can be fickle and fading sometimes, when it comes to babies and toddlers in our vehicles, we need to ensure that we are always thinking, always checking and always making the right choices. Across the country, and even in our own backyards we have had parents forget about children in hot cars, on hot days to disastrous consequences, and ones that can never be forgotten. All it takes it that momentary lapse in judgement, or in memory, and you gain a memory that you carry for the rest of your life.

Children cannot fend for themselves in these situations, they can’t lean in and turn on the AC, or roll down a window, or even call for help if needed. And much like the case of the toddler who fell asleep in the back of a vehicle, only to have parents forget for a moment, the results of that inability can be devastating. So as the summer weather soars, and we get our much warmer days, and blazing hot days, it pays to take one final look into the back seat of your vehicle, even if you know your children aren’t there, just to get into the habit.

The secondary side of the story, and one that has unfortunately happened more than once, is the mentality of thinking that you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Thinking that your child is safe in an even for even a short period of time is something that needs to be corrected immediately, as the results can lead out to be the exact same. The weather is hitting the point where forests are burning, and your child is at the full mercy of that weather without your protection and care at all times.

We don’t mean to punish parents further if they have been in this situation, but to use it as a guide for others out there to be aware, to think twice, and act twice, and to always be sure. These are our children that we’re talking about, and we are the ones responsible for their safety at all times. When making the wrong choice, it can be one that haunts you for the rest of your life, so take the time, and always make sure. Keep your children out of the heat, make them wear sunscreen, and as much as they may complain, complaining is better than the silent option.