From Brazil to Ogden


There are many ways in which to get into the active lifestyle, and when looking for a means to do so that will also provide you with valuable skills that you can carry on with you for life, and all its challenges. From confidence, discipline and order, to learning skillsets and how to think three steps ahead, martial arts has always been a way to instill these values in our youth, and allow them to carry them throughout their lives. In Ogden, the local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school has always been a means in which to learn at the top level.

From young men and women to adults and every age bracket in between, this style of martial arts first brought over by the famous Gracie family from Brazil has become ingrained in our martial arts culture thanks to the rise of mixed martials arts and its vital role in that function. When you’re looking for a means that will teach you effective self-defense, along with a means to train your mind on how to set up, to carry through and to implement, then checking out at least a few classes will have you quickly knowing if it’s right for you.

There has always been a fascination with the combat sports in this country, and whether form the Kung Fu phenomenon brought to our attention through artists such as the great Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, or the boxing made famous through years of use and blockbusters like Rocky, we have been quick to use this means of physical expression as a way to stay active and fit, and knowing that there’s a top tier level to train in the Ogden area brings more options to those in the city looking for a means to train and progress.

We have been home to some stellar champions in the world of BJJ, from young women competing in the Pan-Am games, to local area Utah based competitions, and with the rise in popularity that the local school has seen, it looks like it’s a trend that’s going to continue for a while. Getting your kids into martial arts at a young age brings a sense of confidence and discipline, and the means to know how to defend oneself, but better yet, when the correct time to do so is, and when is the right time to walk away.

We are a competitive country, and we like to get involved in things, and always aim to grow and lead in those ventures we pursue, and when martial arts is the passion, then you can be sure that Ogden has the means to follow through. If you’ve been looking for a means to get more active, to raise your fitness levels, which instilling confidence and discipline, then choosing to step inside the gym and take your best shot at learning how to execute the chess of martial arts, then hitting up the local BJJ class on a weekend may be a good start.