A Nearby Beauty

If you could talk to any member of the Ogden community, we’re sure that each and every person has a story about a time in their lives here where they had no choice but to pause what they were doing, look around them and notice exactly what a beautiful part of the country we live in, and one of the best means to immerse yourself in that beauty is through getting out there onto the nature trails and experiencing it first hand and close up. And with a planned addition of 7 more miles of trails to the area, you have your selection.

Ogden has always been a destination when it comes to trail riding and running in Utah, and taking one look around at the scenery that encompasses you while you do, it comes as no surprise. To see the city taking notice and investing back into the parks that bring so much attention is good, and serves as a way to keep more of the natural beauty in the eye rather than simply expanding the area into more businesses. Not that business isn’t good, but there needs to be the balance.

We have talked before about how it was the natural beauty of the Ogden area that has pretty much turned around the state the we used to be in, how it was through hosting a single even in the winter games that brought so much more attention to the area, and that connection of beauty and activity never seems to have left. Those who enjoy getting out into nature with their bikes, running shoes, or even rollerblades and hitting the paved pathways that run along the outskirts of the city can attest to that, and it’s something that has become part of our fabric.

Whether you’re a local who has been taking advantage of the wealth of trails at our disposal, or a newcomer to the area looking for ways to truly get out there and enjoy all of Ogden’s visual splendor, then choosing to get out and get active is a great way to do it. With the right temperate air, vistas that make you stop and truly appreciate the natural beauty of the Utah area, and a city that takes pride in all of those characteristics and puts in the necessary investments to accentuate those appeals, it’s definitely a stop that should be on the list.

Anyone who is involved in the active lifestyle, who appreciates being able to shut off the city noises and escape to the solitude of the path unknown can find appreciation in all that the Ogden area brings in terms of pathways, and by our city choosing to take part in the active cultivation and improvements in this area, it leaves us less reason than ever to get out there and take part ourselves. So pack up the kit this weekend, get out there and enjoy it, this world is ours and we need to shape it for ourselves.