Crossfit In Ogden; A Lifestyle Worth Exploring


We spend a lot of time fighting off the negatives that come with life, and one of the biggest fears we have is our own bodies turning against us. This is why we run, why we lift, and why we eat right, to stave off the specter that haunts every corner of our gilded years, and try to remain young forever. This is why many people find themselves in CrossFit the Club within the Ogden Sports Club, and yet many may not even know that their mentor through the process is facing his own internal battles.

Coach Hassell has been the voice, the look and the inspiration to this CrossFit gym for almost 10 years, and through a lifetime of physical activity has not only amassed a pretty great physique, but a mentality that always looks at challenges head on and looks for ways to overcome them. So when he was diagnosed with a semi-rare kidney disorder, he approached it in the same manner, when that diagnoses was elevated to a potentially lethal level, where a transplant was the only measure to take, he also approached it with the same grim determination he did everything else.

Those who step into the CrossFit gym with a goal in mind soon have theirs shared by Coach Hassell, he takes the program and its clients seriously, and can tell you the goal of every member of the gym. For someone who has taken every physical endeavor he has been in to championship levels, from wrestling, to college football to arena football and then CrossFit, you can see why he is a figure looked up to by the members who take on his instruction. You can find him there, lifting and cheering with every lift made by others.

It’s no small wonder that when they classes eventually learned about his diagnoses, that they were so quick to rally behind him. With GoFundMe pages set up, online auctions and other means of financial support in knowing that with the impending replacement surgery that he would have no choice but to take time off from the sport he loves so much, and the costly medications associated with it. When you work hard to support all those around you, it can be a little surprise when you find that in your time of need, all of those around you gather to support.

We know that there will be a time in which the clients of the gym will come in and not find Coach Hassell waiting for them, as he takes his time at home to recover, and rest. But sure as the sun will come over the mountains of Ogden tomorrow, you can bet that one day they will walk in to see him clean and jerk 150 lbs like he never went anywhere, and it’s that kind of inspiration that keeps everyone coming back. If fitness is your goal, and support is your need, then checking this place out could be a good call.