A Healthy Solstice


You wouldn’t normally associate the summer solstice with health and fitness, but when you look back on the connection that the phases of the seasons, coupled with our activities, and the associations that we have made with them over time, it becomes clearer why certain phases of the year are more conducive to getting out there and getting physical in some form or another. And when celebrating the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the Ogden area, you can be sure to find fitness and health gatherings all across the city.

Historically speaking winter has been our time of survival, spring the time for growth and fall the time for harvesting that growth. The summer has always been our time to catch up on everything else we couldn’t do through the rest of the year due to our other responsibilities. Thus, over time is became the point in our year that we could focus on ourselves, rather than the external factors that we have been spending all our time working on. In religions that followed the seasons, this was a time of cultivation on the spring rebirth, and adding strength.

In today’s age though, it’s all about bringing more awareness to ourselves, adding in new means of being active and staying healthy. We’re all done with our winter hibernation and our spring awakening, we are ready to get out into the world and be noticed as a part of the community again, and this usually has us looking in the mirror deciding to stick with the one piece bathing suit as the bikini body isn’t quite ready yet. This of course leads to ambition in making changed to our physical appearance, and reminding us each year that health only lasts for so long.

Across the Ogden area during the summer solstice each year you will find all manner of exercise and health improvement seminars and classes, ranging from the orthodox yoga classes to the fringe cleansing by sound bowls. And though some of us may scoff at certain ideas when it comes to our health and wellness, provided it gets people out there and active, who’s to say that it doesn’t work in that particular aspect? The ambition for each of us is to actually get out there and do something different and new, and any class is capable of that.

If you find yourself in the Ogden area over this period of time, it may be worth getting out there and at least checking out some of these classes. You may feel a little strange and uncomfortable at first, but just need to remember that everyone else is too. But we all find ourselves there for the same reasons, to make some form of change that will bring betterment to our lives, and whether you’re doing a scavenger hunt or learning how to appreciate the different tones of bells, at least it’s better than being cooped up in the house watching it on TV.