An Exotic Delicacy


There are Irish Pubs, American Pubs, and then you have the weird cross hybrid between the two located in the middle of Ogden in the Angry Goat, formerly known as MacCools. The old Irish influence is gone, and a complete remodeling has seen the décor completely change, using the means that the old look had left over. Turning old ceilings into new railings, walls into floors, and other mismatched decorating that just seems to work given it’s atmosphere. Whether you recognize it for what it used to be, or appreciate the new look over the old, it’s the Angry Goat.

The biggest change brought to the pub though is through the vast selections of beer on offer. You have your choice from over 200 different varieties that makes it feel less pub, and more beer market. But with the local customer base being diehard fans of the new change, you can be sure that the place will be a staple in the visitation market for a while to come. Which is a good thing, as it’s always noteworthy to have a local hangout that also becomes the spot to check out when you find yourself in a new area.

Of course with the approach to the food market, and the vast array of beer at your disposal, that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t have a nice family sit down in the middle of the afternoon. We aren’t speaking about one of the coal miner destinations that sees older men slumped across the rail introducing themselves by saying “let me tell you about the time”. With a wide array of popular pub foods and fare, you can find just as much appeal as a twelve year old as you can a freshly legal age individual.

Being able to reinvent ourselves is one of the hallmarks of the Ogden area, we have done it with the city itself, and when a business finds that its old identity is just that, old and outdated, the ability to make a complete change, and reintroduction under an entirely new premise is a neat way to wrap up the spirit of the city. By going from the Irish heritage, to embracing the American way of life, and style of pub, while retaining all the same levels of regular customers is a feat unto itself, and a testament to their staying power.

So whether you were a fan of the old look and feel, or you’re making your way through Ogden and wondering what type of place you should stop by to get a true feel of what the city is like, then we suggest picking up and checking out Angry Goat. Try some of the beer, try some of the food, try to picture what the place looked like only a year ago, because even the Goat itself may be gone in another five or ten, replaced with an entirely new look, feel and premise, yet still carrying on in true Ogden fashion.