From Garage to Conglomerate


We’ve all heard the tales of some of the biggest businesses today staring in a garage, by a few outsiders and a great idea, and there could be a lot of truth in their influence on the markets of today. Without the giants like Facebook and Apple, we may not put as much stock into start-up companies as we do today, and yet the business market seems to be a lot better off for it, as many companies are coming out of the woodworks as a result, and the City of Ogden is throwing support behind them.

Depending on where you lie on the side of the conversation, a start-up can be “the next Facebook” or “a group who think they’re the next Facebook”, yet without actively investigating these ideas in people’s minds, we would never have the capability to find out, which is what the partnership of WSU and Startup Ogden are combining forces to find out. To put investment and leadership into small startup companies in the area, with a fully fleshed out workspace and the grants needed to get their idea off the ground, with a true means to take a stab at their startup dreams.

There are very few stipulations to what’s necessary to make your own run at a startup company through this program, you must be a member of Startup Ogden, and you have to agree to keep your headquarters in the area for two years after the program is finished, whether or not you make it in the world of tech startup. These outlines are fairly simple to follow, and if you ask any of the companies that have taken the duo up on the offer, are terms that can be easily and gladly met.

It’s great to see such a partnership, and such a support system coming out of Ogden, because truly you never do know. Whether a company has an idea on how to better the home medical service, or a means to make a great home shopping page, there seems to be a limitless flow of ideas that come out of our young people today, and who knows what could be the next idea to make the largest impact. Without taking the chance on something new and innovative though, we never have the means to truly find out what potential could be had within that idea.

We think that supporting our own local businesses is not only a means to grow our economy, but also our place in Utah, in the world. If we have the means to somehow become known as the startup place to be, then who’s to say where we could be in a few years’ time? It all boils down to taking the risk on the unknown, to have an idea and go after it, and without individuals and groups out there that do so, we wouldn’t have any of these large entities that started in the startup market, and the next one could be right here, right now.