A & E Corner: Film Enthusiasts


The original designer of the Paramount Studios logo was born and raised in Ogden, and every time you turn on one of their films, and see that string of stars flowing around the serene peak, you can think back to the way he did at the time of its envisioning, picturing the peaks back home in Utah. It’s no small wonder then that there seems to be a connection between Utah and movies, and nowhere is this more encapsulated that during the Ogden Film Festival, held each year at the local Egyptian theater.

For the movie buffs inside us all, a film festival is one of the greatest means of being able to enjoy movies. The potential to see screeners before anyone else, to get insight typically form the actors or directors themselves, or to be exposed to film that you otherwise may not even see in the local theaters. Each year that the Ogden Film Festival rolls into town, there seems to be a new theme across the movies being shown, and this year seemed to have a focus on exploration past our boundaries, and to see the world beyond.

With a special screening of the acclaimed short film Under The Arctic Sky, more Utah filmmakers have been making their mark on the world, and the ability to enjoy it in a format that so few of us have had the capability to do before, and to show our support for our local film aficionados is nothing short of exciting. Bringing a joy to all members of the family, the film festival is a great means of exposure to those looking to grow a finer appreciation of the art, or as a means to broaden horizons when it comes to the style of movies watched.

Whether you’re a small child, or an older adult, there is always something magical and enjoyable about watching movies, and it seems to be something that is inherent in us to partake in. Whether a throwback to our campfire tales, or watching stories unfolding and wondering where they’re going to go. We become invested in our favorite things, and collectively jeer villains, we become a part of our own narrative and live our lives through the lens of another. No matter the style of film being presented, there is always something to catch the eye and the attention of the watcher.

If you found yourself lucky enough to be in participation of this event, you can understand the appeal, and for those who feel a little left out that the opportunity was missed, you can always rest assured that it will be back next year. Like that string of stars circling the peak on the Paramount logo, they always seem to come back around for another view. So next year, when we pick up our tickets and head into the seats to be transported elsewhere on this planet, in another person’s shoes, we hope to see you there alongside us.